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Custom Uniforms
• Automotive
• Construction
• Food Service
• Healthcare
• Plumbers
• Electricians
• Landscapers
• Manufacturers
• Restaurants
• Schools

Custom Floor Mats
• Clemens offers a complete line of safety mats, anti-fatigue mats, carpeted mats and kitchen mats
• You can create
your own custom design
• We take care of everything, and you have no inventory investment

Mop Exchange
•Wet mops are
• Double band, looped
end construction
• Mops will not shrink
and are super absorbant.
• Clean dust mops are
our specialty.
• Available in 18",24",36",
48", and 60"

Linens & More
• Premier Linens and
• Linens are delivered and
ready for use.
• Regularly scheduled
delivery and pick up
• Many Sizes and Colors
to choose from