Why choose a Uniform Rental service?

It is simply the best way to project a consistent professional company image.

Is it affordable?

Our pickup and delivery service makes it easy, affordable and consistent.
With our weekly cleaning service all your employees have to do is put on their uniform and go to work!

How does it work?

Our representative carefully fits each employee at your location to ensure proper fit and comfort.
No need to worry about your employee's appearance anymore, with our program worn uniforms are quickly replaced so your employee is always projecting a professional appearance to your customers. Our alteration department handles all size changes and repairs efficiently.

Clemens automatically replace uniforms when they become worn through use, or when a size change is requested. Each garment is issued a unique bar code for tracking purposes.

What happens if someone quits?

Our program is tailored to fit your needs. If your company increases or decreases in size, so do the number of uniforms we deliver.

Contact a representative who will help you chose a program to custom fit your needs. Info@clemensuniform.com

Suggested Business:

Automotive, Construction, Food Service, Healthcare, Plumbers, Electricians, Landscapers, Manufacturers, Restaurants, Schools, Supermarkets, Veterinaries.

Types of Garments:

• Industrial
• Executive
• Casual
• Food Service
• Flame Resistant
• Hi-Visibility
• Outerwear